Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My result...

Wahaha, finally i get my result...


Pass all...hehe...three subjects, those are CSC 210(computer level 2), ENL 134(English level 4) and MKT 220(Marketing level 2)

I get
A in CSC,
B+ in ENL
and C+ in MKT

Thanks god i pass the exam...

left one more semester i complete my Diploma in Business Administration le...

Look forward o...

Wish i meet tiok good and nice lectures next semester...

MapleStory time

Opps, so sad... i become the gamer liao.
Recently always play online game that is MapleStory...

guite fun to play this online game. This Maple Story online game is my 1st game that i play through the internet.

Did u guys play this online game before??

Saturday, November 18, 2006

The winner is....SEAPIG

The MOst LoveLy PInk Pig is SEAPIG


SeaPig has 4 votes out of 6 votes!!!

Congratulation our seapig, she is the winner...


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Who will win??

Is it Piglet will become the winner of MOST LOVELY Pink Pig ?
Piglet: Thanks for my fans support me, so that i can go into the final contest. Don't forget vote me again at the final, so that i can win the contest...Thanks once again and i love u, my supporter....MUACKSSSS

Or you think that Seapig is the MOst lovely Pink Pig?
Seapig: I feel greatful and thankful for my supporter to support me this 1 week plus. So that, i will try my very best to win the Most Lovely Pink Pig contest. Vote me and leave the message in the comment box and support me, thanks... Kam Sia

Who will win the contest??
Vote for it...
Voter should vote it before this SATURDAY 9 pm...
And the result will know after 10 pm this Saturday
Thanks for your support...

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sunny Hill Ice Cream

I like to eat ice-cream. No matter rainning day, late at nite or whatever, when i think to eat ice cream, i must go to find ice-cream to eat. I am going to introduce u guys, a place that u can eat tiok delicious ice cream at Kuching beside the Mc Donald's Ice cream. Local made ice cream....
Sunny Hill Ice-Cream at 3rd mile

I like to eat Vanilla Ice Cream at Sunny Hill. Their ice cream taste soft and smooth. Sometime they sell the chocolate and panda flavor too, but i still prefer vanilla flavor...
Last Sunday, my dear suddenly think to have ice cream, so we went to Sunny Hill order two sandwich ice cream.

Sandwich Vanilla Ice Cream (Rm 2.00 )

One for me and one for my Dear

After we ate the ice cream, we decide to "ta pao" 1 big box ice cream. When we turn back to the couter. both of us shock at there... many people queue up at there almost 15 people. So we don't think to queue up, then we went back home

For the non-Kuching people, but are the ice cream fans, you can try the ice cream when u travel at here.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

The piggies that i have

Share with all of you
My piggies
(Miss Hong Kong and Mr Hong Kong)
a couple from my house

Big Family

All are my lovely piggies

(i love You, You love me, We are happy family...)

Pink Family

( the lovely Piglet contesters)

Blue Family

(My this year present, 5 coursemates bought me this 4 blue piggies)

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Will you try those weird things??

Scorpion vodka 3 shot side

The scorpion already remove toxins from the body when consumed. The scorpion also can eat, after drinking the vodka. 100% save to drink.

( I think to treat Chen and El Bee to try this vodka, both of you dare to try?)

Thai green curry crickets

oven baked, not fried, crispy and yummy

( Mr Goober, do you like to eat curry?? introduce you this crickets, look nice right?)

BBQ Flavour Cricps

Delicious, similar in taste like popcorn

( Red Sponge & Pink Winnie, i know both of u like popcorn so much, sure i introduce this for u, tatse similar like popcorn too, both of u can have this when go for movie)

Chocolate coverd giant ants

black chocolate with ants, sweet and yummy

( Pink Cotton, u like to eat chocolate right? How about this...so special and horrIble...)

Tequile lolipop

lolipop with the worm, the worm inside is crispy

( who want to try this?? lolipop....)

really weird snacks...

i don't dare to try those snacks

really yuack....


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

My pink pink piglets(cont)

Continue the colour tag...

Big nose pink pig and tight with the blue ribban, my present too, don't know which year i got this birthday present from a guy friend named Shaw Chung nick name is BBQ pig (siow tu)...when that friend know i like pig very much, he bougt me this pig...
From China too...this pig so soft and nice to hug o,hehe...but i seldom hug her liao...
The emotion of the pig>>(i am so kolian, my mommy seldom hug me liao, please vote me and let my mommy know, i am the most Lovely and cute one...i am no 5)

The last pig contester, SEAPIG had been given by my Dear.
Comelnya right?? Do u know why i call her SeaPig??hehehe... because she has a pair of legs like the Sea Lion's legs. i think she has Mixture with the Sea Lion, so that she become like this...
She sleeps with me and share my bed most of the time...don't know where she comes from..hehe...
The emotion of the pig>>(i am the most cute one and most fat one, hao cai this is most LOvely contest, not more slim contest, if no, i may be kick out for the jugdes...please vote me, i am the sea pig...please vote me,i am the most lovely...please vote me, i am the FATTest one...hehehe, SEAPIG no 6)

Finally i done this tag le

My pink pink piglets

Been tagged by chen>>>Pink, pink & pink!!!
Actually this Tag:Five, six pick up sticks is to post up six mindless but color coordinated pictures.

Do u guys know, what is the colour will become my choice, BINGO, of coz is my favourite colour Pink pink lo.

Going to introduce u guys my favourite colour and my lovely PIGlets

"TANG tang tang TANGGG"

The mOst loVely PINK PIG conTest:

Which pinky pigss u like the MOST
vote for it, faster....

My 1st pink pig that i have.
She is come from Hong Kong.
I went to Hong Kong past 3 or 5 years ago.
Still remember, i saw her inside the catching machine, and she was asking for help, asking people to safe her, so i spend my HK$10 to safe her out of the machine and bring her back to my hometown.
Beside that, she is Miss Hong KOng from my pink piglets competition.
The emotion of the pig>>( wow, got contest, i want attend and to become the most LOVELY pig, vote me pleasee i am pink pig no 1...)

This piglet is bought from my cousin when she travelled to the THailand. She know i am the piglet's fans, so she bought me this piglet as a gift.
i like this piglet, because she looks happy and smile with me when i see her.
she is cute too and She come from ThaiLand
Welcome to the MISS Thailand
The emotion of the pig>>( i am come from Thailand, i like to read the blog and travel the wolrd. please vote me, i am the cute and pink pink one o...no 2)

My this year birthday present from my friend, Nadia.
This is the pig that help me to jaga the car, but already retired.
They always stick together but they can't do kisses o...so kolian
i think they are come from China, if i din mistaken it...so, they are Miss China and Mr. China
The emotion of the pig(couple: vote us, vote us, we are mixture with the panda bear, so our one eye has black spot...we are the most lovely de and our vote no is no 3)

My 2002 year birthday present from my secondary classmate, wee huey.
She is small pink piglet come from China too...actually this is the plastic glass to put the pen and pencil de...
i like this cute small piglet so much..."Super KE AI o" how do u guys think??
The emotion fo the pig>>(ladies and gentle man, you are my soul, my sun, my stars, please vote me, sure u won't feel regret,i'm no 4)

still left two pink pigs....looking forward ya...
Got some technical problem, hehe....
paiseh ya....

Friday, November 03, 2006

Before & After Tag

Suddenly i have a idea to create a Tag, that is Before & After Tag

Share about ur feeling, happen, dreams, childhood and anything that u wan to share with me...

I come across, many people plan for thier things bef0re the happen is coming, But after that, they did not do what they decide before it...or feel regret after some unexpected happen...

So, i am going to share with u guys about my Before and After...

  1. Before my exam, i stress and pani about it. BUT... After the exam, i still need to worry about my result.
  2. Before my holidays, i look forward it. BUT... After the holidays is start, i start bothering about how do i spend the long holidays.
  3. Before my meal time, i do plan what i wan to have. BUT... After that, i realize that i had changed my mind and to have somethings alse...
  4. Before my 21st birthday, i wish to be adult faster. BUT... After 21st birthday, seems when i was kid and child more nice le...just have fun nia...now stress many things o...
  5. Before the things that i look forward, i wish the time run fsater. BUT... After the event past, i blame myself why i did not try my best to do it more better...

Aren't you guys feel same with me??

What are those things that u feel difference of Before and After??

The people that i would like to tag:


Yeah!! Holidays lu.....But....

Yeah, i just finished my semester final exam this morning, feel relax and happy o....
But, the looooooooong holidays, about 2 months, how do i spend for it??

Post the article for my blog everyday??? (sometime feel lazy le, i try la)

Sleep whole day and night???(har!!!want meh??will really become the pig after the holiday la)

Everyday eat eat EAT, eat as many as i can???(hmmm, good idea, but, need to "fan" what i wan to eat la)

Watch TV & Dvd whole day???(no fun le, my statellite got problems, can't watch... watch tv alone, laugh alone meh...no fun la)

Play online Game???(erm, what are the game is suitable for me???i don't think become the people who always play the games and stick with the computer often)

Seek for part time job???(got income, good good, but salary is less and makam sendiri, need to fill petrol for my car,finally i rugi la)

But but...........but....

Can't over la, Mei Wan Mei Liao la....

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Weird Nine Tag

Aduh,had been tagged by redsponge...

Nine weird things about me...

Here we go...........

1. When i on bed time, i need to put on the blanket, no matter cold or hot that day, night or day time...that's become my habit already... if no, i can't sleep well...

2. I love to watch the ghost movie on the "ghost month" or read the ghost story book, it's fun and more horribly... hiak hiak hiak...

3. When someone talk with me about something, i will suddenly change the topic that we talk at that moment...weird kah??

4. I like to eat ice cream, no matter nite and day time, when i feel like to eat, i will seek for the ice cream or go to Mcdonald...

5. I need some music when i do my revision...if no, i will fall asleep soon....so, i can't study at the library....Let play the music pleaseeee....

6. I like to say, "PI"( pi gu de pi) when i feel doubt about my friends talk....

7. i dislike eat the Pumpkin, because about the hallowen day, ppl will make the pumpkin become the horrible ghost face, so i don't think to eat the ghost....hehehe...beside that, too sweet for me, but i like chocolate, no pumpkin pleaseeee...

8. i eat fried prawn, butter milk fried prawn...but i don't have any demand on the steam prawn and the laksa prawn...wahaha...so, most of the time i eat the Laksa, i will pass the steam prawn to someone else...or say to the boss who sell the laksa " no prawn please, thank you"

9. I am a person who like to cry... when i feel wan to cry, i will cry immendialy...cry till i fall asleep. next day, my eyes will become the golden fish and red red eyes...so, don't bully me untill i cry o. it's uneasy to make me stop crying.

HUUUuuu....finally i done this tag...

so, i would like to tag Pink Winnie, HaHaz, Greenleaf...

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Presentation day..

I really hate to do the presentation in front of many people, speaking with the english...
U know, i can't speak english very well ma...
So, when the presentation day is around the corner, i will stress and suffer about it...

Most of my presentation, i just read the paper directly till the end and shaking at there and just keep reading the paper...that's all..

Last MOnday morning was my Presentation again. I really can't have the good sleep at night, because i feel nervous and less confident... i planed to cin cai do my presentation le, because recent time really have many thing bothering me... no mood to do anything..

First speaker really did the good job, my mind blank at there... what?? so li hai...the power point also attractive la...mine power point just 5 slides only... they have 10+ slides...cham la...

1,2,3,4,5,6 persons already done thier presentation....

Number 7, is my turn....

i walk in front and and stood at the computer, to show my power point to all of my classmates...

"First of all, i wish my Malay classmate selamat hari raya..."

then i start my presentation...

this time, i didn't direct read from the paper. keep explain on the power point and give example myself, just talk as usual... blah blah blah...

"As my conclusion....blah blah.....this is my speech for today" Yeah, finally i finish my presentation liao...wahaha

when i was walking back to my sit, my lecture said" Quite nice, loud, confident for the speech, you did the job well"...

*_* har??? is it bo??? i feel surprise for what did my lecture said...
But, i really feel paiseh la...and please, don't give me presentation again..." i really HAI PA la"

Saturday, October 21, 2006

My car had been smashed at Star Complex

Yesterday afternoon, my dear and i went to wacth movie at Star Complex...
After the movie finished, we went to 4th floor to take my car...that was 3:50pm

i saw my car window had been smash and my dear's school bag had been stolen... got 2 electronic dictionary, almost lost rm2000...and the other kenari car had been smash too... the kenari driver lost CD player and subwoofer almost rm1500.

and then i go to report the secutiry guide at the Star Complex and they play the CCTV for us...we saw that was a Kenari QKU5846 DUNE(seems like goldorange colour) was the ppl who did it...

we went to report police at the Simpang Tiga.

Kenari QKU5846
DUNE colour
got 12 inci black sticker in front main glass and passenger sit there also got a small yellow sticker at the Kenari driver sit side's, Bonnet got crash a bit
got the black and white dot Tisu box inside the car

when u guy notie the Car, pls report to police
if no, ur car or ur friends & family car will be the next victims
Take care about our KUCHING CITY...

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Bottled Art handmade product, made in Malaysia

I came across this website...
They sell this kind of the handmade products...
It's COOL.....

Bottled Frame

Bottled Kato

Bottled Hunkee

Bottled Knot

Bottled Frames

Bottled Cube Product

Bottled Champ+Cryon

Bottled Champ+ Papper Clips

Cool products that they sell online...

The Photos are copy from http://www.kinocrafts.com/


"Don't want lah", "Ok lah","Mai ah neh lah"
our english become like this ki...
opps, it can't say is english, that is our new language named, Manglish in our counrty...

i do speak like this also... don't laugh at me lah... i think u also lah...

Below is tell u, WHAT LAH IS THIS ALL ABOUT?

WHEN you speak to a Malaysian you will notice the suffix "lah" frequently occurs in conversation. What's all this, then?

"Lah" is a suffix in Bahasa Malaysia that is meant to add emphasis to a word or phrase. "Just do it" for example, would roughly translate into "Buat sahaja" but more forcefulness would be obtained by adding the suffix, e.g. "Buatlah sahaja".

If someone knocks at the door and you invite them in, the polite way to say that would be "Sila masuk", or "please come in". If, however, you've said it once and the person is still knocking, you just say "Masuklah" for emphasis and to tell them (see our upcoming lexicon of Malaysian slang) that you heard them in the first place. There are thousands of other examples but we hope you get the drift.

Anyway, the suffix has been absorbed into English in the local vernacular, more commonly in the peninsula than over in Sabah and Sarawak, and is used millions of times a day throughout the country - sometimes purposefully, sometimes for no reason at all.
When you fail to show up for work on time and the boss chews you out, a typical defence might be "Sorry boss, tired-lah."

If someone is getting a little too uptight about something, the appropriate caution to him would be "relax-lah" or "steady-lah", which urges the person to chill out, calm down, stay frosty, cool off. See? Everybody needs slang. It is usually not used in any formal circumstances and should not generally be adopted by foreigners.

If u didin't say lah with your friends, u are out date liao....
so, u must say it lah....
ok lah...
no problems lah hor...

hehehe...just a joke...


LOVE tag

Tagged by Pinkwinnie and greenleaf....

for me....

LOVE is sour plum juice drink, when u guy drink it, u will feel sour and a bit pahit. That mean, when u "pak to" with someone, surely will have this kind of feeling if something happen between.

LOVE is fresh milk drink, when u guy drink it, it can help u build body tissues. It's because love can cheer up people and will have a good mood, so the taste just like having the fresh milk drink.

LOVE is mineral water drink, do not have any taste when u guy drink the mineral water because simple drink u can imagine the taste, and if u feel good mood at the moment with ur sweet heart, the mineral water will become sweet...

As my conslusion, Sour plum + Fresh milk + Mineral water = LOVE!!!

Tag ^^ycfoo and hahaz

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Taman Budaya!

Recent time busy about my study, so i am going to share the picture for you guys...
The place that i always go when i was a kid before....

Taman Budaya

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

He so unlucky!!!

Last Sunday, i felt suffer for rushing my assignments. I really feel that I can't stand the situation anymore, so i sent a message to my "gan ge" ask for help. He did repied to me and said, he will online at nite. So I just waited. After I had taken my dinnier and went back home, I called him.

I asked him the questions and he did replied my question for my assignment too. But I wanted him to Online and chat at Msn, but he said, he was busying for something...

He told me, HIS CAR HAD BEEN STOLEN (THAT IS PROTON WAJA SILVER COLOUR and the plate number is QKP 4208) near HOPOH PLAZA. I think that road named Jalan Piramli, if I didn't mistaken it.

After I felt happy about my friend kenak the 1st prize that was a Myvi car, now i wan to feel sorry to hear about my "Gan GE" le...

He really so bad luck o, because he lose his Proton Waja.

What can we do, IF our car has been stolen?

1) I think we can send the message to our friends, and ask for help... When someone see tiok the car, call the number...

2) We can ask for help from the taxi company, because they have more people to help us find tiok the car...

3) Call the police, but i don't think this method is a good way, because i don't think the police will take action at the 1st time to help you find the car...

hmmm, those are the ways that i know...
Any ideas, what can we do??

Recently, really many "PENCURI" steal the car and CD player on the car...
How come Kuching become unsafety ki??
What is the reason cause it??

Saturday, September 23, 2006

RM 1200000 per day!!!

If you earn RM 1200000 per day...u will become the richest person on this world...

But if i say, a richest people loss RM1200000 per day, u may think," hai yo, rich people, nevermind lah...they got many money...beside that, nop my business, biar saja lah"

Do u know how do i get RM1200000 bo?
Actually is  40000 people X Rm 30 per day = RM1200000 per day

40000 of successful businesspeople, earn the total profits per day is RM1200000 sure is possible for them to earn the money value.

But the Problem thing is,
RM 1200000 is the money to spend for the PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN JAIL.
The prisoner...OUR TAXes money....What do u think about??

Can u imagine that???
How much for 1 year???
How many zero i wan to fill in???
confusing now la...

10000 out of 40000 prisoner is illigel imagration people o.
We also need to use our taxes money to feed them food.
What is going on now???

Really OH mY GOd!!!!!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

She so Lucky!!

Still remember, one day morning, my dad asked me " Is it u have a friend Named Chia Chuan Yin?" then I replied him," Yes ar...She is my primary school ex-classmate, and my best friend kok. What's up?" "Wah, you friend so lucky, win tiok a Myvi o" When I heard that, I fast fast asked my dad show me the News...Oh my God, really is her on the photo...Wah lao, she really so lucky la....A Myvi car eh.....What a lucky gal!!

After I knew this news at that morning, I sent a msg to her and taniah kepada dia:
Wah lao, seven early eight early(early in the morning) read through the newspaper and know that you won the 1st prize that Myvi car, congratulation o, when got time, u must bring me makan angin o....

Then she repied:
Thanks for your taniah, when i get my car, surely i will bring u and Mei Ying go to makan angin de...

Happy with my my friend too

Really Admired Her la...
When the lucky star fall for me ne??
i want to get the Prize like the car also la........

Recall back, I just remember 1 time I win tiok the lucky number at Singapore because i was visiting my aunt family at SG about 5 or 6 years ago. That time, my aunt was going to buy the lucky number,so she asked me, any lucky number for her to buy? so i said buy my age, my birthday date and her age. So lucky we guess tiok the lucky number. After i got the money, i bought a short pan Crocodile brand to my dady...wahaha...
After that, i didn't win tiok the lucky number til now...of cause didn't win tiok lor, because i not often buy the lucky number at Kuching ma...


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Use this or that??

My lecture have introduced some Web Browser for us when i was having my CSC class...
There are Internet Explore, Nestcape Navigator, Opera, and Mozilla Firefox...
Which one you guys think is good and faster browser for us who often to search the information??
My lecture said, nowadays the Internet Explore not as good as before because too many people use the IE and it easy hack by someone, so he encourages us to use Mozilla Firefox...
I just formmated my PC lately so i need to download some program for my PC...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My new semester study life!!

Quite busy this semester because short semester now. I take 3 subjects in this semester there are english level-4, computer study level-2 and marketing level-2, all need to summit the assignments and got final exam also... feel can't handle the situation right now...
This week just week 3 only, i need to summit 2 assignments and face all the test1... Gosh man...
Really feel stress and rush hour in this short semester...

Saturday, September 16, 2006

I get P!!

Through my coursemate mouth of words, they said the resit result already out... i feel so nevours and worry about my resit statistic result because i relly don't have any confident to pass my reit paper, so i feel suffer and worry...but i still need to face and get the result at the exam office...
After the marketing class, my coursemate and i going to get the result...
i don't think to know my result and feel don't wan to get the result, because i afraid i will failed the resit paper, and need to repeat the statistic subject...
Most of my friends get the result 1st and all pass the test, and i am the last one to take the result...
my mind is blank at that moment till can't breath, but bo pian i must face the fact...
so i take out my ID card to the lady and get my result.....

You know what i get???

Oh my GoD!!!

I get P.................
Is P


P= Pass....
Hao Cai i pass my resit paper....

For the resit paper, there don't have any grade for us, jus have P=Pass(40 till 100marks) and F=Fai(39 till 0marks)....


Saturday, September 09, 2006

6 Random Facts

Have been tagged by Redsponge& pink_winnie
1. I like to meet new friends, because i like to bring many happiness to all my friends... i love u, my friends...
2. I like to eat Ice Cream, exspecially Vanila de ice cream. When i got mood to eat ice cream, i will just eat it, no mater it is raining day or how late at the night. Still remember 1 night about 10 pm, i still went to Mcdonold eat ice cream...wahaha
3. What is the colour that u can easy find at ur bed room or the high probability colour that u can find at ur bedroom, is the colour that u like inside ur heart.. hmmm... the colour that can easy find inside my bedroom is yellow brown colour, my bed is yellow brown colour, my table, chair, wardrobe, all are in yellow brown colour. So i admit, i like yellow brown colour. Wish to design my dream house into wood de, and all the furniture are yellow brown colour... But i think not safe to live in wood house, may be burn by fire....wahahaha
4. I like the Pig pig dolls, exspecially the piglet inside the Winnie the Pooh one... so i give the pinky_piglet as my nick name on the blog and my msn.
5. I am easy go lucky girl, so i won't angry someone so long time de, if that person hurt me so deep, and i easy to feel happy when have a nice day.
6. I hate History subject, because need to hafal all the history about the counties, but i like to read those ghost, weird things that like UFO, horrible movie...The X-File and blah blah blah... am i a weird peson??? hehehe...
Tag Greenleaf, Hahaz and Wing Of Lonely

Tag: My Rak Buku dan lain-lain!!

My rak Buku...
Those are my Chinese books that i have.
Just have 1 english book only,named Your Personality Tree, but i didn't finish read it.

My rak Kaset
Those are the Kaset that i have, all is original one o, hahaha... no money purchase the original cd, so i bought Kaset lo. bo pian, so poor at the secondary school time...wahahaha.

Tag redsponge, pink winnie, green leaf and hahaz...
Show your Rak buku and others...

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Hey, padamkan api itu!!Hey把那火给灭了!

Actually I plan to sleep到爽才wake up的. But, a bit怪怪的feeling make me woke up. I feel that i am going to get sick soon, because of my 喉咙not feeling well. I found that was a smell like someone burning the things. I tried to find is it anyone burning somethings at somewhere. Nope, i can't find it, may be "jEreBu" again. So i was doing my cleaning stuff.
When i was washing the plates and the glasses at the厨房,suddenly the sound come from my 后院very大声"PING PING PONG PONG". A guy knocked the gate loudly and shouted to the jiran tat is behind me de, "OUI OUI" "OUI OUI, Chong Tiao E" (That is Hokkien mean弄掉它). I found that there was the烟雾come.哇靠, 好大的浓烟when i saw the smoke come out from one of my neighbour's garden. They burned the things at their hou hua yuan. A guy was standing behind the gate waiting the respond. But, there was no respond. And the guy shouted and knock the gate more大声again. And suddenly a girl shot back to the guy," XXX,bo ka si...XXX" and the guy also don't want kalah, shot the girl back...Both of them just argued at there, but the girl live behind my house still not willing to stop burning the things, and keep going to shot the guy back. The guy felt mad and kicked the gate, said he will going to report the police, because membakar sapah-sarap adalah kes jenayah. But the girl said, "call lah, lu bo ka si, wah kia lu meh??" "po lah"... afterthat, she closed her door and keep the things burning at there... What a rude girl !! I really think to scold that rude girl, how can she don't care the other neighbours healthy and their feeling? And she still scoled back the guy, "BO KA SI". Eh, That ah Moi, You more Bo Ka Si, Cin Cai bakar the things, still scolded ppl like that. What a funny things?? If that guy really go to report, that girl really will been penalty. Please lah, Jangan membakar sampah-sarap lah, because the weather and the air become worse liao...

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

An Afternoon!!

Still remember about 1 month or 2 months ago, i was having my statistic class. Actually my class was till 4 pm, but our lecture gave us back early 30 mins. As usual, i was going to take my car at the car park that far from about 3 mins from my college . It was raining day, so I used my umbrella and used to walk through the main road to take my car.
When I was on my way to take my car at the car park, I saw one guy was standing beside a Green Wira car that was parking beside the small "pondok". I saw him, and both of us have eyes contact. I felt that was something wrong about that guy, but i can't explain for myself. I found that, there was a pair of legs half outside the Green Wira passenger's window. I thought that Wira Car is belonging to one of them, so I just don't care about it.
Suddenly, the guy that was standing beside the Wira car giving a signal. The weird sound is seems like telling that guy, someone was coming then. that guy half inside the car jump out the passenger's sit as soon as he can. That guy took a bag out and both of them walk "zheng ting". And I said " Hey"... both of them walk faster than just now, and I Screamed "HEY", two of them run like deers. And I took my umbrella and my stupid heavy bag Run behind them. "HeY, CAll the POlice" and I scream like silly and run like the crab. Nobody noticed.
I was looking Both of the Pencuri run away into a Green Kancil with fully black tinted glasses. I think to take down the car number, but i failed to do so, because they drove fast.
I don't know, did the master of the wira car got lost anything or not on that day. They Pecah the glass at the passenger sit and trying to curi somethings, I think is cd player la.
I feel so sorry about my act. I didn't successful catch tiok the pencuri and noted down the number, beside that, i didn't call the police too...
Guys and gals, what will u do, if u are on my situation???

Monday, August 28, 2006


还记得那天statistic's lecture要给我们知道我们的course work的分数...
lecture was telling me,i get 23 out of 40, i accept about the marks, 我心满意足,coz i just wish to pass my course work.finally i did it too...
but when i was walking back to my sit, one of my friend asked me, how much i get, then i told her...
after she knew it and siad"喂,XXX(某某人,另一个同科系的同学),她(在说我)的分数居然比你高一分叻!老师看你不爽,所以给你这样的分数"
What is ur meaning ar??我不应该拿到这样的分数吗??还是你不爽??要挑拨离间??
that time, i really feel mad on what did that girl said...
hey girl, just 1 mark, 要这样计较吗??
轮到她时,她竟然嘴巴甜甜,要lecture give her more more marks...
what the F**K!!

My Semester result!!

My result is out already...
but the sad news is i failed my statistic subject, i need to resit the statistic subject, really damn difficult la this subject...
the rest i get 1 a in mgt subject, 1 a- in law subject, 2 b in english 3 and lan subject that is Bahasa Malayu....but i failed statistic, get e in this subject...hate it ar....
helpe me and tell me how to do the revise about the statictis subjest, i don wan to failed in this resit paper...help help....




Sunday, August 27, 2006

An apple a day, keep a doctor away...

I drew this picture...

I like to draw the apple when i was in secondary school... i don't know the reasons why i like to draw the apple. May be the apple is the easier fruit to draw on my drawing book...

Remember, an apple a day, keep a doctor away...



Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Pinky_piglet is my pet??

Hello, everybody...
I am Xiao Pang...
I am a handsome, pretty and cute cute bear at Pinky_piglet's house...
I am her pet...ermm....nonono, she is my pet, could i say so??
This pic make me feel fat o...

Actually i have slim body...

See,i am damn cute right??
With my blue riband...

come on, call me baby...

Going to steal the snacks on the table...

Hey hey, keep quiet!! My master is sleeping on the table...

Hehehe... Is my world now....wahahaha!!!

You see, what is this??
This is "mao mao chong"...
Pinky_piglet bought it at food fair...
Steal it and going to eat it later...
What a nice breakfast i have!!!

Hiak hiak hiak!!!

All is mine!!! Yahuu...
Going to have big meal, Yahuuu
Wanna join me??
My contact number is +6016869****
Wahaha, don't tell u...

Thursday, August 17, 2006





但… 很难,太难了,






~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~end of the part 2 story~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

My Ex-BoyFriend!!!

He is a guy who has a pair of big eyes,
Funny, humor, caring, handsome, gentle man, and love me so much.
I like to see my darling smiles a lot, when he is being with me,
When he feels happy, i do too,
So i like to act some silly things, talk funny things to make him laughs,
May be sometimes you guys will say, why i am so idoit and silly, act like a child, so childish, do you know why?
Because I LOVE HIM
Because of HIM
I don't think he feels so stress on his stuff,
Hope he always feel relax to be with me,
Most of his time, he does feel stress,
"Oh my DEAR, i feel so 'sayang' on you,
You must take good care about your body,
Drink a lot of water, don't forget to take your breakfast, lunch and dinner".
I know he can not spend most of the time with me,
"Dear, i don't mind. Just done you task perfectly, I LOVE YOU, babe".
Who was the guy that i mention just now?
Where is he now?
How old is he?
What is his job?
Where is he come from?
How do we know each others?
What are the colour he likes the most?
He prefers coffee, tea, sort drink, hot chocolate, fruits juice or others?
He likes to eat what kind of foods?
Because He is just my imagine BOyFriend!!!

Wrote by pinky on January 31, 2006

Wednesday, August 16, 2006












(to be continued)

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Bunga Api

I draw this picture about 2 months ago…seems quite long time didn’t draw something…so I draw it to follow my heart and my feeling on that day…
How do you feel about this picture??
The title that I give it for this picture is called “Bunga Api”
Do you guys have other ideas to name this picture??
Just drop it for me…

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

"Ur hand phone no cure?"

About 1 week, i didn't meet my n70...
I really forget, i had broken my hand phone 1 week ago...
My daddy took my hand phone for the other ppl to repair it...
For the time pass through about 1 week, i feel disappointed and my heart already "mati" about my n70...

About 5 pm just now, the bad news that i have received a msg from my mom...
"Ur hand phone no cure!"

I didn't feel much sad, because i know, it can't repair and can't use it again...
i just waiting the bad news to prove that my hand phone is "mati"...

About 10 pm something, i back at home...

When i was going inside my bed room to tidy up my thing, i noticed that, why my n70 was charging on my destop's table...

I asked my daddy:" Why you still charging the hand pnone?"
~~~~Yi, is it my daddy become silly, broken hand phone still need to charge??~~~~
Suddenly i asked my parents:
"Is it my n70 alive again?"
"Haha...you are right..."

I feel a bit "kek tiok", my mom were pulling my leg at this afternoon...
I were so stupid, had been cheated from my parents...
BUT, My daddy and mommy really are the cute parents, to cheat their child...

Anyways, thanks god!!

My hand phone is cure...


Monday, July 24, 2006

BaD N3Ws!! My N70's destiny!!

A call from someone...

A: Hello, is it miss XXX?
Pinky: Yes, i am...
A: I'm from XXX Mobile service..
Pinky: Ok
A: Do u still remeber you N70 is at my shop for repair?
Pinky: Yes, How is it??
A: The mother broad is "pai diao" le...if you want to repair it, the cost u need to pay can buy the 2nd n70 hand phone le...so "bo hua" to repair it...
Pinky: Ya kah?? then ok lor...
A: So when you free, come to my shop...
Pinky: Ok lo...bye bye...

Disappointed to hear about my hand phone can't repair...
Anyone knows, where is the shop that repair the mobile very cheap de...
let me know, please.........

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Tag of 4

Tag of 4Been
tagged by Pink Winnie and Green Leaf

Four jobs I would stink at:
1. Lawyer - a lot of the codes and rules need to "hafal", headache lar..
2. Speecher or speaker - panic lar, can't do the presentation so well..
3. Teacher - i am not the good student, can't teach students too..teach bad can lar...wa haha..
4. Model - too sexy, will be kill by my parent, wahaha...

Four pretend nicknames I’m making up for myself:
1. Pinky_piglet
2. Kiroro
3. Xiao Pi
4. don't tell u..( the nick for someone special)

Four movies I have watched over and over:
1. Titanic(US) - Jack:You jump, i jump..
2. Xiang Zuo Zou, Xiang You Zou(HK) - really touching story i had watched before..
3. Ye Man Ni You(KR) - happy ending, touching so much ..
4. City of Angles(US) - nice movie...watched on tv

Four places I have lived:
1. Kuching
2. Kuching ( age of 1 till now)
3. Kuching again bah
4. Except Kuching, still Kuching laar

Four things I love to do on my weekends:
1. Watching tv show
2. Day dream
3. Go shopping with, Kuching's S.H.E (seldom liao, because all busy on own things)
4. Dating with special one

Four TV shows I geek out to, or used to geek out to:
1. Ghost advanture story - hiak hiak... love to watch it, although i feel a bit scray
2. Nan Sheng Nv Sheng Pei - wah, a lot leng zai and leng lui on the show, funny too.
3. Tian Guo De Jie Ti - touching and sad drama, cry for it o.
4. My Girl - drama also, but i didn't finish watch it kok

Four alcoholic beverages I’ve enjoyed on offshore vacations :
1. Kampai - fruit juice + 5% alcoholic...sweet alcoholic drink
2. Martell - test it b4, try to test it again...hehe
3. Shandy - often drink when i was kid...1% alcoholic only, so, it's alcoholic drink also...haha
4. Wine - ok lor

Four things I could NOT live without (besides oxygen, H20, and miscellaneous life-sustaining substances):
1. Music - a part of my life, without it, i will be stress and blue mood
2. Handphone - sms for my friends for gossip
3. Friendship - love to have fun with friends, hnaging with them, without them, i will lonely till commit suicide(haha. just kidding)
4. Purse - no money, no shopping, no drinks, no fun

MirrorFour of my favorite foods, partnered with people with whom I enjoy eating said foods:
1. Buffer - can eat what i want,unlimited
2. Western food - Romantic, with someone special
3. Chinese seafood
4. Japanese food - sushi, la mian, washabi??

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. Spain - Historyical building
2. Hawaii - golden beach
3. Bali Island - Spa
4. Hong Kong - for shopping

Four people I mercilessly tag:
1.Wind of lonely

Thursday, June 22, 2006


Sometime i agree, True Love hard to find...
When we had found the true love, we still need to face many problems too...
Love is a thing that easy hurt someone feeling...but when you hanging out with he or she that we like and love...we feel so sweet and thankful, someone is beside us, accompany us and cheer us up when facing the problems, solve the problems together, laugh together when wathcing the funny movie...
HaVe YoU fInD YoUR LovEr Yet?
If you Had found Your lover, i wish you two Love Forever...
someone who haven't found the Lover, wish you can meet them soon...
no matter who were you and what you had done ago, just ForGet it...
remember, just do what you wish and what you want...because the True Love is waiting for you...

Saturday, May 20, 2006


Hey girls and guys.....
i'm Pinky_piglet, how are you guys doing there??
Seems quite long time i didn't write some topic at here...

Do u know, why my nick name at here named Pinky_piglet???
hehehe....let's think about it....
BINGO.....YOU ARE RIGHT, i like pink colour pig dolls so much........wah lao...u guys so lihai(clever)....wahahahaha....

i love the piggy so much because i was influence by my best friend(siao ping)when i was studying form 2 at grss...she loves piggy dolls, and when she's birthday, my friends and i bought a pig doll to her...she really very crazy in the piggy things...but at tat time,i really feel that she was to crazy in it....when the time past by,i love the piggy dolls and crazy with those dolls too,exspecially the winnie the pooh's PIGLET...wahaha...it is so cute n lovely....OMG......so i named myself PINKY_PIGLET lor....

i have received 4 blue piggy dolls during my this year birthday from my friends....may be i need to change my nick named become Blue_piglet liao...hmmmmm,i think the sound quite funny....wahahaha...do u guys agree???wahahahha....it's like.....hiak hiak hiak.....

hey guys....wake up......i'm jus kidding lar........

Just make u guys and gals laugh nia lar......

Beach, i feel on you!!

This beach picture was taking at Damai Lagoon, i feel peaceful and relax on this picture...i like this photo so much...
Beach,i do have feel on u.....
How do u think about this picture??

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Le Papillon

原  名:Le Papillon
译  名:蝴蝶
导  演:Philippe Muyl
演  员:Michel Serrault,3届凯撒奖影帝
     Claire Bouanich
类  型:温馨喜剧
片  长:79 分钟
简  介:
Eight-year-old Elsa and her mother Isabelle move in next door to Julien, a grumpy old entomologist with a vast butterfly collection in his apartment. Elsa’s mother is often absent, because she works. Elsa is left alone, and Julien does not know what to make of this little girl, who quickly becomes attached to him. Little by little, he too grows fond of her, until she commits the irreparable act of opening the door to his butterfly room. When Julien sets out on a weeklong hike in the Alps in search of a rare and beautiful butterfly, Elsa hides in his car. Although Julien is initally bothered, he begrudgingly accepts the situation and brings her along on his camping expedition for better or worse. The bond between the two grows stronger, and with him, Elsa learns many things about life and nature and begins to transform herself. The Butterfly is a truly charming film, directed with great sensitivity by Philippe Muyl.
《蝴蝶》( LE PAPILLON),温馨感人的法语片,以钢琴还有弦乐为主要的基调,铺陈出轻缓优美的旋律,流泄出法式的浪漫情调,顺畅的乐章直到〈 L'ultime Voyage〉时,出现诡谲的低鸣音干扰,暗喻着剧中老少的互动关系微妙转变,聆听这张专辑,也彷佛重回屏幕前,再次感受蝴蝶的轻盈飞舞,跟人性间的纯良情感。受不了的感动和亲近!
☆°.·∴Le Papillon°★. ☆° ∴·
Pourquoi les poules pondent des oeufs?“为什么鸡会下蛋?”
Pour que les oeufs fassent des poules.因为蛋都变成小鸡
Pourquoi les amoureux s'embrassent?“为什么情侣们要亲吻?”
C'est pour que les pigeons roucoulent.因为鸽子们咕咕叫
Pourquoi les jolies fleurs se fanent?“为什么漂亮的花会凋谢?”
Parce que ca fait partie du charme.因为那是游戏的一部分
Pourquoi le diable et le bon Dieu?“为什么会有魔鬼又会有上帝?”
C'est pour faire parler les curieux.是为了让好奇的人有话可说
Pourquoi le feu brule le bois?“为什么木头会在火里燃烧?”
C'est pour bien rechauffer nos coeurs or.是为了我们像毛毯一样的暖
Pourquoi la mer se retire?“为什么大海会有低潮?”
C'est pour qu'on lui dise "Encore."是为了让人们说:“再来点”
Pourquoi le soleil disparait?“为什么太阳会消失?”
Pour l'autre partie du decor.为了地球另一边的装饰
Pourquoi le diable et le bon Dieu?“为什么会有魔鬼又会有上帝?”
C'est pour faire parler les curieux.是为了让好奇的人有话可说
Pourquoi le loup mange l'agneau?“为什么狼要吃小羊?”
Parce qu'il faut bien se nourrir.因为牠们也要吃东西
Pourquoi le lievre et la tortue?“为什么是乌龟和兔子跑?”
Parce que rien ne sert de courir.因为光跑没什么用
Pourquoi les anges ont-ils des ailes?“为什么天使会有翅膀?”
Pour nous faire croire au Pere Noel.为了让我们相信有圣诞老人
Pourquoi le diable et le bon Dieu?“为什么会有魔鬼又会有上帝?”
C'est pour faire parler les curieux.是为了让好奇的人有话可说
☆°.·∴°★. ☆° ∴·
ca t'a plu, le petit voyage“你喜欢我们的旅行吗?“
Ah oui beaucoup! 非常喜欢!
la prochaine fois, d'accord.“也许下一次吧“
Je peux te demander quelque chose?“我能问你点事情吗?“
quoi encore?“又有什么事?“
on continue mais cette fois-ci c'est toi qui chantes.“我们继续,不过由你来唱?“
Pas question.“绝对不可以“
Tu te pleures.“来吧“
Non, mais non.“不不不“
alors, c'est le dernier couplet. “这是最后一段了“
Tu ne crois pas que tu pousses un peu le pourchas?“你是不是有点得寸进尺了呢?“
☆°.·∴°★. ☆° ∴·
Pourquoi notre coeur fait tic-tac?“为什么我们的心会‘滴答’?”
Parce que la pluie fait flic flac.因为雨会发出“淅沥”声
Pourquoi le temps passe si vite?“为什么时间会跑得这么快?
Parce que le vent lui rend visite.是风把它都吹跑了
Pourquoi tu me prends par la main?“为什么你要我握着你的手?”
Parce qu'avec toi je suis bien.  因为和你在一起,我感觉很温暖
Pourquoi le diable et le bon Dieu?  “为什么会有魔鬼又会有上帝?”
C'est pour faire parler les curieux.是为了让好奇的人有话可说
☆°.·∴fin°★. ☆° ∴·

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

My Nokia Nseries (N 70)

1 week ago, I had purchased a new Nokia Nseries (N 70) mobile phone at Sarbekas. N 70 not the latest model mobile phone make by Nokia, if I don’t have mistaken to recall, it was the latest phone on the market at April 2005.
Below are the advantages of the Nokia N70:

Motto of Nokia Nseries
See new. Hear new. Feel new.

Nokia N70
Open the World of Multimedia
Model number: Nokia N70-1
Slide and Shoot
Capture life’s greater moments with the Nokia N70’s 2 mega pixel camera. Packed with advanced features like an integrated flash and 20x digital zoom, you can be sure of high-quality pictures every time.
Slide Show with music
Create your own slide show using your choice of photos and videos. The new rotating gallery with thumbnails lets you select your favorite snapshots with ease. Go through your play list on the stereo digital music player and add a catchy tune your slide show.
Email Photos
Send photos and video clips of treasured moments to your family and loved ones via email. You can also share them with your friends via MMS or capture the moment as it happens and stream it live via a 2-way video call.
Stay in Sync
Stay in control of your life by synchronizing important files and emails with your PC. The Nokia N70 enables you to review applications like presentation, spreadsheets and schedules – perfect you are constantly on the go.
Nokia XpressPrint Solution
To print your picture or emails, hook up this PictBrige-enabled device to a compatible printer via USB cable. And when you spot a photo kiosk in retail store, just transfer your images wirelessly via Bluetooth technology for high-quality prints in an instant.
Nokia XpressTransfer Solution
Archive your many photos and videos with ease. This advanced feature organizes your photos and videos efficiently and lets you to transfer them seamlessly to a compatible PC; saving you both time and hassle.


At the first time, I really can’t cope with the new hand phone, because of the functions.
3 days ago, I did install the PC suite software to my computer and tried to transfer my photos, sound tracks to my computer. But, when I have success to install and plug in the cable to the USB, it pop-up “USB Device Not Recognized-One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctional, and Windows does not recognize it.”
I think the problem is my operating system, so that I can’t transfer my photos, sound tracks with the cable…
I consider buying the memory card reader, so that I can upload some photos here. To show you guys the photos that I had captured during my semester holidays.

Friday, April 28, 2006

The Present that I bought to my friend's baby

5 or 6 days ago, I had bought a present to my friend's baby. Her baby was almost 1 month, so I dated my one girl friend went to Hock Lee Center to buy a present to my friend's baby, congratulation to my friend and feel to hug the baby.
The present has a “Hello Kitty's pillow”, Johnson's baby powder, oil, shampoo and a package of the fresh cleaning wipes that was cover up with the present paper.

But, I really didn't expect

A=my friend

Ring ring…ring ring…
My mobile phone was ringing on Tuesday afternoon that was 2 days ago.
B: “Hello, A.”
A: “Hello girl, where are you?”
B: “I am at home now.”
A: “Oh ya, girl…you no need to visit me already, cause she was losing already.”
B: “What?”
A: “My baby was passing away yesterday, so you no need to visit me any more.”
B: “What is the reason?”
A: “I don’t know, no reasons, girl…She is attractive, clever and we were happy to have her about this 1 month.”
B: “Are you okay?”
A: “No ways out, girl…I should face it, because that is a true already.”
B: “Ya, girl…tries don't think too much.”
B: “Girl, are you really all right?”
A: “Don’t worry girl, my baby was “go to the heaven” with her charming expression, and I believe, she was going to the heaven become an Angle.”
B: “……”
A: “And may be the God was order her to become an Angle to helping him, stay beside the God.”
B: “You are right girl, don't feel so sad……”
How did I ended the conversation on that day, I fail to remember it.

I really can't believe what my friend was telling me. I felt shock when I heard about that. I feel so upset and disappoint, it because I never meet up the baby. Beside that, I don't have any chance to hug and treat the baby nice in the future already. At the moment, I blamed myself, why I didn't go to visit my friend and say “Hi” with the little baby before that deal had happen? Why?

I didn't cry, but my heart is bleeding the blood, bleeding like river…
I do hate myself that what I didn't do at that moment…

The present that I bought, is putting at a side in my bed room…
The present is feeling alone by itself at there…

When I saw the present, I will think of the baby and feel heartbreaking…
How was the surface of the baby??
Is she charming?
Fair seem like Snow White?

Sorry, I have no answer now…

Below is my feeling and the words that I want to say to the little baby:

To: The little baby,
I feel so sorry I did not go to visit you when you are pink in health at there. I did buy a present and did get ready to go to visit you but I was late to do so.
I feel cheerless and upset that we lost you.
I believe what was your mother said you have been order by the God to become an Angel to protect all the people who you know and the people who need your protection.
Heaven is a best and no worries world, you can live more happy and full of joyful at there.

Little baby, you always on my mind.
From: Your mother's friend Pinky_piglet


如果你有一架时光机, 就好像小叮当与大雄,可以通往以前,穿越未来…
美好的回忆,想必每位都有吧! 牢记在心里的甜蜜,快乐,幸福…想着想着,心里就感觉窝心了起来...

Thursday, April 27, 2006

It's a good day in everyday!!

Since we know how to realize right and wrong, good and bad, reality and idealism, we still left 20000+ days need to go......
No matter there is shining day or raining day; happy day or bad day, we also need to pass through, face it and solve the problems......
Trust yourself, everything going to be all right......
Don't tighten yourself too tightly; it will make you out of breath......
Just relax and take it easy...
Because...It's a good day in everyday!!