Monday, July 30, 2007


This is the place that my dear and i always go
Yesterday was the last time we went there, because this comfortable place is going to close
my dear got asked the boss, why?? the boss said, the business can't break the point or target that why they want to close lo.
Bungalow library cafe
they provide books & magazines, drinks & snacks
it's really a good cafe for gathering and do some paper work.
when we got exam at college, my baby and i went there to do our revision.
when we tired, we just chit-chat or read some comis, books at there.

New magazines are puting at here

cheap magazines, CDs, books is selling here

we seldom sit at here, the place too small for us

Messages board, just write what you wan.

i saw got ppl write their hp number want to meet new friends, feeling, waiting for someone back, or biao bai.

got many comis at there too, can read at there for free of charge actually got many fishes inside the Aquariun de, but those fish going to move the home le
i like to sit at here, watching the fishes swim here and there

but yesterday i so pity de fishes...

boss was going to catch them out of the aquarium le

i don't know how to explain the feeling when i listened the boss said, this plce going to closed

feel sad...

before that, i din think about it wil close de.really din expect tiok de..

i will remember all the things that happened at here de

those liang miang, sandwich, sushi, potato egg salad, chief salad and many many delicious food, i won't forget de

but still wan to say GOOD BYE le BUNGALOW

hopw the boss will open one library cafe at the future...

Saturday, July 28, 2007

My new PC

yeah, new pc... finally can transfer many photos into my pc le
my pc not so keng la, just can play game and is p4 is good for me
new CPU
Power Logic
Intel 631 P4 3.00
Gigabyte GA945GCMX-M2
Power Colour 256mb
Maxtor 80GB
Kingston 1GB DDR2

Samsung LCD 740N 17"

Logitech keyboard and mouse

Greenleaf,i show my pc le...


1st interview
hypermarket from Miri and goind to open next year..i apply management trainee
just sent out my application about 1 and half week, they jiu call me go for interview at their office..
hmmm, that manager so nice, just ask some basic qestions, but he said this is 1st interview, about oct, will have another interview. they wil ask the department manager which i wish to stay to give me the, just wait for it

2nd interview
could i say is toilet company??wahaha..actually is the comapny sell toilet things, MA Tong, fan xian ji and others..
asked me 9 am go there, but no ppl interview me, and ask me go there other time..and the same day i have another interview at 11am..
when i going bck to hom, they asked me go back again...finally go ppl "hiu" me, but just say wan me send the form there only..>_<"

3rd interview
Bank... management trainee also...
2 ppl interview me at the same time...told me what is the job...
the job is sale gals, sell credit card, investment link, insurance...
salary so high rm 2,200+16%epf and sell one credit card earn rm20...
target so high, hak tiok wa...if wan to sell insurance, i sell myself and earn more, more that work under ppl....

4th interview
hypermaket also...job is admin exe
just happened this thusday afternoon...
the man ask me many questions, most panic interview i met..
questions they ask so direct,do u know the company, what u do, when u say no, when that situation what will do and others questions...really blank at that moment, i din prepare o...but i hope i can work at there, cause they said most of the things they sell make in oversea de good

but, after interview, no any news liao...
i think they find tiok ppl le..
so i am going to send new application to find another vacancies le

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Breaking benjamin-until the end

Artist(Band): Breaking Benjamin
Song: Until The End
Album: Phobia

So clever, whatever, I’m done with these endeavors. Alone I walk the winding way.

It’s over, no longer, I feel it growing stronger. I’ll live to die another day, until I fade away.

[Chorus]Why give up, why give in?

It’s not enough, it never is.

So I will go on until the end.

We’ve become desolate.

It’s not enough, it never is.

So I will go on until the end.

Surround me, it’s easy to fall apart completely. I feel you creeping up again.

It’s over, no longer, I feel it growing colder. I knew this day would come to end, so let this lifebegin.

[Chorus]Why give up, why give in?

It’s not enough, it never is.

So I will go on until the end.

We’ve become desolate.

It’s not enough, it never is.

But I will go on until the end.

I’ve lost my way.I’ve lost my way, but I will go on until the end.

Living is, hard enough, without you fucking up.

[Chorus]Why give up, why give in?

It’s not enough, it never is.

So I will go on until the end.

We’ve become desolate.

It’s not enough, it never is.

But I will go on until the end.

I’ve lost my way.I’ve lost my way, but I will go on until the end.

The final fight I win,the final fight I win,the final fight I win, but I will go on until the end.

~~~~~The end~~~~~~

i like this song, maybe u guys dun like it, too rock and noisy...

just enjoy ba...

Monday, July 02, 2007

The job,which one u choose?

Feel so streesful and worry about my future o...
i finished my Diploma about 2 months, no yet seek tiok job kok...
so most of the time i can't sleep well at night, my many relatives help me to find the vacancies..
i know they are concern of me, everyday ask my mum or me, got job boi!!
But i feel so stress and think wan to cry...

last time my 3rd aunt said, her friend work at bank, so she introduce me go to work for the bank counter de, she said the salary is RM1200, but u no need use ur Diploma cert to apply, they may not employe me, because most of the Diploma ppl won't work longer time de, so my 3rd aunt wan me use SPM cert to apply... and said later afternoon will come to fetch me to the bank for interview...after i heard that, my heart felt cold...they didn't ask me wan or not...jiu wan me go to interview...

i felt very "shou wei qu"...
and repeat asking myself, why why???!!!

that day, i didn't go to interview, i rejected my 3rd aunt de "hao yi", becuase i feel i wan to do that, so sorry!!

What are opinions and ur choice??
One job is high salary, but the job is not related for ur qualification...
Or low salary, but the job is related for ur Diploma/Degree...

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Maple story Heroes, fight Zakum part 1

What a cool video....

really like the real movie

haha, this is the game i am playing now

will post part 2 soon