Friday, April 28, 2006

The Present that I bought to my friend's baby

5 or 6 days ago, I had bought a present to my friend's baby. Her baby was almost 1 month, so I dated my one girl friend went to Hock Lee Center to buy a present to my friend's baby, congratulation to my friend and feel to hug the baby.
The present has a “Hello Kitty's pillow”, Johnson's baby powder, oil, shampoo and a package of the fresh cleaning wipes that was cover up with the present paper.

But, I really didn't expect

A=my friend

Ring ring…ring ring…
My mobile phone was ringing on Tuesday afternoon that was 2 days ago.
B: “Hello, A.”
A: “Hello girl, where are you?”
B: “I am at home now.”
A: “Oh ya, girl…you no need to visit me already, cause she was losing already.”
B: “What?”
A: “My baby was passing away yesterday, so you no need to visit me any more.”
B: “What is the reason?”
A: “I don’t know, no reasons, girl…She is attractive, clever and we were happy to have her about this 1 month.”
B: “Are you okay?”
A: “No ways out, girl…I should face it, because that is a true already.”
B: “Ya, girl…tries don't think too much.”
B: “Girl, are you really all right?”
A: “Don’t worry girl, my baby was “go to the heaven” with her charming expression, and I believe, she was going to the heaven become an Angle.”
B: “……”
A: “And may be the God was order her to become an Angle to helping him, stay beside the God.”
B: “You are right girl, don't feel so sad……”
How did I ended the conversation on that day, I fail to remember it.

I really can't believe what my friend was telling me. I felt shock when I heard about that. I feel so upset and disappoint, it because I never meet up the baby. Beside that, I don't have any chance to hug and treat the baby nice in the future already. At the moment, I blamed myself, why I didn't go to visit my friend and say “Hi” with the little baby before that deal had happen? Why?

I didn't cry, but my heart is bleeding the blood, bleeding like river…
I do hate myself that what I didn't do at that moment…

The present that I bought, is putting at a side in my bed room…
The present is feeling alone by itself at there…

When I saw the present, I will think of the baby and feel heartbreaking…
How was the surface of the baby??
Is she charming?
Fair seem like Snow White?

Sorry, I have no answer now…

Below is my feeling and the words that I want to say to the little baby:

To: The little baby,
I feel so sorry I did not go to visit you when you are pink in health at there. I did buy a present and did get ready to go to visit you but I was late to do so.
I feel cheerless and upset that we lost you.
I believe what was your mother said you have been order by the God to become an Angel to protect all the people who you know and the people who need your protection.
Heaven is a best and no worries world, you can live more happy and full of joyful at there.

Little baby, you always on my mind.
From: Your mother's friend Pinky_piglet


如果你有一架时光机, 就好像小叮当与大雄,可以通往以前,穿越未来…
美好的回忆,想必每位都有吧! 牢记在心里的甜蜜,快乐,幸福…想着想着,心里就感觉窝心了起来...

Thursday, April 27, 2006

It's a good day in everyday!!

Since we know how to realize right and wrong, good and bad, reality and idealism, we still left 20000+ days need to go......
No matter there is shining day or raining day; happy day or bad day, we also need to pass through, face it and solve the problems......
Trust yourself, everything going to be all right......
Don't tighten yourself too tightly; it will make you out of breath......
Just relax and take it easy...
Because...It's a good day in everyday!!