Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My result...

Wahaha, finally i get my result...


Pass all...hehe...three subjects, those are CSC 210(computer level 2), ENL 134(English level 4) and MKT 220(Marketing level 2)

I get
A in CSC,
B+ in ENL
and C+ in MKT

Thanks god i pass the exam...

left one more semester i complete my Diploma in Business Administration le...

Look forward o...

Wish i meet tiok good and nice lectures next semester...

MapleStory time

Opps, so sad... i become the gamer liao.
Recently always play online game that is MapleStory...

guite fun to play this online game. This Maple Story online game is my 1st game that i play through the internet.

Did u guys play this online game before??

Saturday, November 18, 2006

The winner is....SEAPIG

The MOst LoveLy PInk Pig is SEAPIG


SeaPig has 4 votes out of 6 votes!!!

Congratulation our seapig, she is the winner...


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Who will win??

Is it Piglet will become the winner of MOST LOVELY Pink Pig ?
Piglet: Thanks for my fans support me, so that i can go into the final contest. Don't forget vote me again at the final, so that i can win the contest...Thanks once again and i love u, my supporter....MUACKSSSS

Or you think that Seapig is the MOst lovely Pink Pig?
Seapig: I feel greatful and thankful for my supporter to support me this 1 week plus. So that, i will try my very best to win the Most Lovely Pink Pig contest. Vote me and leave the message in the comment box and support me, thanks... Kam Sia

Who will win the contest??
Vote for it...
Voter should vote it before this SATURDAY 9 pm...
And the result will know after 10 pm this Saturday
Thanks for your support...

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sunny Hill Ice Cream

I like to eat ice-cream. No matter rainning day, late at nite or whatever, when i think to eat ice cream, i must go to find ice-cream to eat. I am going to introduce u guys, a place that u can eat tiok delicious ice cream at Kuching beside the Mc Donald's Ice cream. Local made ice cream....
Sunny Hill Ice-Cream at 3rd mile

I like to eat Vanilla Ice Cream at Sunny Hill. Their ice cream taste soft and smooth. Sometime they sell the chocolate and panda flavor too, but i still prefer vanilla flavor...
Last Sunday, my dear suddenly think to have ice cream, so we went to Sunny Hill order two sandwich ice cream.

Sandwich Vanilla Ice Cream (Rm 2.00 )

One for me and one for my Dear

After we ate the ice cream, we decide to "ta pao" 1 big box ice cream. When we turn back to the couter. both of us shock at there... many people queue up at there almost 15 people. So we don't think to queue up, then we went back home

For the non-Kuching people, but are the ice cream fans, you can try the ice cream when u travel at here.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

The piggies that i have

Share with all of you
My piggies
(Miss Hong Kong and Mr Hong Kong)
a couple from my house

Big Family

All are my lovely piggies

(i love You, You love me, We are happy family...)

Pink Family

( the lovely Piglet contesters)

Blue Family

(My this year present, 5 coursemates bought me this 4 blue piggies)

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Will you try those weird things??

Scorpion vodka 3 shot side

The scorpion already remove toxins from the body when consumed. The scorpion also can eat, after drinking the vodka. 100% save to drink.

( I think to treat Chen and El Bee to try this vodka, both of you dare to try?)

Thai green curry crickets

oven baked, not fried, crispy and yummy

( Mr Goober, do you like to eat curry?? introduce you this crickets, look nice right?)

BBQ Flavour Cricps

Delicious, similar in taste like popcorn

( Red Sponge & Pink Winnie, i know both of u like popcorn so much, sure i introduce this for u, tatse similar like popcorn too, both of u can have this when go for movie)

Chocolate coverd giant ants

black chocolate with ants, sweet and yummy

( Pink Cotton, u like to eat chocolate right? How about this...so special and horrIble...)

Tequile lolipop

lolipop with the worm, the worm inside is crispy

( who want to try this?? lolipop....)

really weird snacks...

i don't dare to try those snacks

really yuack....


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

My pink pink piglets(cont)

Continue the colour tag...

Big nose pink pig and tight with the blue ribban, my present too, don't know which year i got this birthday present from a guy friend named Shaw Chung nick name is BBQ pig (siow tu)...when that friend know i like pig very much, he bougt me this pig...
From China too...this pig so soft and nice to hug o,hehe...but i seldom hug her liao...
The emotion of the pig>>(i am so kolian, my mommy seldom hug me liao, please vote me and let my mommy know, i am the most Lovely and cute one...i am no 5)

The last pig contester, SEAPIG had been given by my Dear.
Comelnya right?? Do u know why i call her SeaPig??hehehe... because she has a pair of legs like the Sea Lion's legs. i think she has Mixture with the Sea Lion, so that she become like this...
She sleeps with me and share my bed most of the time...don't know where she comes from..hehe...
The emotion of the pig>>(i am the most cute one and most fat one, hao cai this is most LOvely contest, not more slim contest, if no, i may be kick out for the jugdes...please vote me, i am the sea pig...please vote me,i am the most lovely...please vote me, i am the FATTest one...hehehe, SEAPIG no 6)

Finally i done this tag le

My pink pink piglets

Been tagged by chen>>>Pink, pink & pink!!!
Actually this Tag:Five, six pick up sticks is to post up six mindless but color coordinated pictures.

Do u guys know, what is the colour will become my choice, BINGO, of coz is my favourite colour Pink pink lo.

Going to introduce u guys my favourite colour and my lovely PIGlets

"TANG tang tang TANGGG"

The mOst loVely PINK PIG conTest:

Which pinky pigss u like the MOST
vote for it, faster....

My 1st pink pig that i have.
She is come from Hong Kong.
I went to Hong Kong past 3 or 5 years ago.
Still remember, i saw her inside the catching machine, and she was asking for help, asking people to safe her, so i spend my HK$10 to safe her out of the machine and bring her back to my hometown.
Beside that, she is Miss Hong KOng from my pink piglets competition.
The emotion of the pig>>( wow, got contest, i want attend and to become the most LOVELY pig, vote me pleasee i am pink pig no 1...)

This piglet is bought from my cousin when she travelled to the THailand. She know i am the piglet's fans, so she bought me this piglet as a gift.
i like this piglet, because she looks happy and smile with me when i see her.
she is cute too and She come from ThaiLand
Welcome to the MISS Thailand
The emotion of the pig>>( i am come from Thailand, i like to read the blog and travel the wolrd. please vote me, i am the cute and pink pink one o...no 2)

My this year birthday present from my friend, Nadia.
This is the pig that help me to jaga the car, but already retired.
They always stick together but they can't do kisses o...so kolian
i think they are come from China, if i din mistaken it...so, they are Miss China and Mr. China
The emotion of the pig(couple: vote us, vote us, we are mixture with the panda bear, so our one eye has black spot...we are the most lovely de and our vote no is no 3)

My 2002 year birthday present from my secondary classmate, wee huey.
She is small pink piglet come from China too...actually this is the plastic glass to put the pen and pencil de...
i like this cute small piglet so much..."Super KE AI o" how do u guys think??
The emotion fo the pig>>(ladies and gentle man, you are my soul, my sun, my stars, please vote me, sure u won't feel regret,i'm no 4)

still left two pink pigs....looking forward ya...
Got some technical problem, hehe....
paiseh ya....

Friday, November 03, 2006

Before & After Tag

Suddenly i have a idea to create a Tag, that is Before & After Tag

Share about ur feeling, happen, dreams, childhood and anything that u wan to share with me...

I come across, many people plan for thier things bef0re the happen is coming, But after that, they did not do what they decide before it...or feel regret after some unexpected happen...

So, i am going to share with u guys about my Before and After...

  1. Before my exam, i stress and pani about it. BUT... After the exam, i still need to worry about my result.
  2. Before my holidays, i look forward it. BUT... After the holidays is start, i start bothering about how do i spend the long holidays.
  3. Before my meal time, i do plan what i wan to have. BUT... After that, i realize that i had changed my mind and to have somethings alse...
  4. Before my 21st birthday, i wish to be adult faster. BUT... After 21st birthday, seems when i was kid and child more nice le...just have fun nia...now stress many things o...
  5. Before the things that i look forward, i wish the time run fsater. BUT... After the event past, i blame myself why i did not try my best to do it more better...

Aren't you guys feel same with me??

What are those things that u feel difference of Before and After??

The people that i would like to tag:


Yeah!! Holidays lu.....But....

Yeah, i just finished my semester final exam this morning, feel relax and happy o....
But, the looooooooong holidays, about 2 months, how do i spend for it??

Post the article for my blog everyday??? (sometime feel lazy le, i try la)

Sleep whole day and night???(har!!!want meh??will really become the pig after the holiday la)

Everyday eat eat EAT, eat as many as i can???(hmmm, good idea, but, need to "fan" what i wan to eat la)

Watch TV & Dvd whole day???(no fun le, my statellite got problems, can't watch... watch tv alone, laugh alone meh...no fun la)

Play online Game???(erm, what are the game is suitable for me???i don't think become the people who always play the games and stick with the computer often)

Seek for part time job???(got income, good good, but salary is less and makam sendiri, need to fill petrol for my car,finally i rugi la)

But but...........but....

Can't over la, Mei Wan Mei Liao la....