Saturday, May 20, 2006


Hey girls and guys.....
i'm Pinky_piglet, how are you guys doing there??
Seems quite long time i didn't write some topic at here...

Do u know, why my nick name at here named Pinky_piglet???
hehehe....let's think about it....
BINGO.....YOU ARE RIGHT, i like pink colour pig dolls so much........wah lao...u guys so lihai(clever)....wahahahaha....

i love the piggy so much because i was influence by my best friend(siao ping)when i was studying form 2 at grss...she loves piggy dolls, and when she's birthday, my friends and i bought a pig doll to her...she really very crazy in the piggy things...but at tat time,i really feel that she was to crazy in it....when the time past by,i love the piggy dolls and crazy with those dolls too,exspecially the winnie the pooh's is so cute n i named myself PINKY_PIGLET lor....

i have received 4 blue piggy dolls during my this year birthday from my friends....may be i need to change my nick named become Blue_piglet liao...hmmmmm,i think the sound quite u guys agree???'s like.....hiak hiak hiak.....

hey guys....wake up......i'm jus kidding lar........

Just make u guys and gals laugh nia lar......

Beach, i feel on you!!

This beach picture was taking at Damai Lagoon, i feel peaceful and relax on this picture...i like this photo so much...
Beach,i do have feel on u.....
How do u think about this picture??

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Le Papillon

原  名:Le Papillon
译  名:蝴蝶
导  演:Philippe Muyl
演  员:Michel Serrault,3届凯撒奖影帝
     Claire Bouanich
类  型:温馨喜剧
片  长:79 分钟
简  介:
Eight-year-old Elsa and her mother Isabelle move in next door to Julien, a grumpy old entomologist with a vast butterfly collection in his apartment. Elsa’s mother is often absent, because she works. Elsa is left alone, and Julien does not know what to make of this little girl, who quickly becomes attached to him. Little by little, he too grows fond of her, until she commits the irreparable act of opening the door to his butterfly room. When Julien sets out on a weeklong hike in the Alps in search of a rare and beautiful butterfly, Elsa hides in his car. Although Julien is initally bothered, he begrudgingly accepts the situation and brings her along on his camping expedition for better or worse. The bond between the two grows stronger, and with him, Elsa learns many things about life and nature and begins to transform herself. The Butterfly is a truly charming film, directed with great sensitivity by Philippe Muyl.
《蝴蝶》( LE PAPILLON),温馨感人的法语片,以钢琴还有弦乐为主要的基调,铺陈出轻缓优美的旋律,流泄出法式的浪漫情调,顺畅的乐章直到〈 L'ultime Voyage〉时,出现诡谲的低鸣音干扰,暗喻着剧中老少的互动关系微妙转变,聆听这张专辑,也彷佛重回屏幕前,再次感受蝴蝶的轻盈飞舞,跟人性间的纯良情感。受不了的感动和亲近!
☆°.·∴Le Papillon°★. ☆° ∴·
Pourquoi les poules pondent des oeufs?“为什么鸡会下蛋?”
Pour que les oeufs fassent des poules.因为蛋都变成小鸡
Pourquoi les amoureux s'embrassent?“为什么情侣们要亲吻?”
C'est pour que les pigeons roucoulent.因为鸽子们咕咕叫
Pourquoi les jolies fleurs se fanent?“为什么漂亮的花会凋谢?”
Parce que ca fait partie du charme.因为那是游戏的一部分
Pourquoi le diable et le bon Dieu?“为什么会有魔鬼又会有上帝?”
C'est pour faire parler les curieux.是为了让好奇的人有话可说
Pourquoi le feu brule le bois?“为什么木头会在火里燃烧?”
C'est pour bien rechauffer nos coeurs or.是为了我们像毛毯一样的暖
Pourquoi la mer se retire?“为什么大海会有低潮?”
C'est pour qu'on lui dise "Encore."是为了让人们说:“再来点”
Pourquoi le soleil disparait?“为什么太阳会消失?”
Pour l'autre partie du decor.为了地球另一边的装饰
Pourquoi le diable et le bon Dieu?“为什么会有魔鬼又会有上帝?”
C'est pour faire parler les curieux.是为了让好奇的人有话可说
Pourquoi le loup mange l'agneau?“为什么狼要吃小羊?”
Parce qu'il faut bien se nourrir.因为牠们也要吃东西
Pourquoi le lievre et la tortue?“为什么是乌龟和兔子跑?”
Parce que rien ne sert de courir.因为光跑没什么用
Pourquoi les anges ont-ils des ailes?“为什么天使会有翅膀?”
Pour nous faire croire au Pere Noel.为了让我们相信有圣诞老人
Pourquoi le diable et le bon Dieu?“为什么会有魔鬼又会有上帝?”
C'est pour faire parler les curieux.是为了让好奇的人有话可说
☆°.·∴°★. ☆° ∴·
ca t'a plu, le petit voyage“你喜欢我们的旅行吗?“
Ah oui beaucoup! 非常喜欢!
la prochaine fois, d'accord.“也许下一次吧“
Je peux te demander quelque chose?“我能问你点事情吗?“
quoi encore?“又有什么事?“
on continue mais cette fois-ci c'est toi qui chantes.“我们继续,不过由你来唱?“
Pas question.“绝对不可以“
Tu te pleures.“来吧“
Non, mais non.“不不不“
alors, c'est le dernier couplet. “这是最后一段了“
Tu ne crois pas que tu pousses un peu le pourchas?“你是不是有点得寸进尺了呢?“
☆°.·∴°★. ☆° ∴·
Pourquoi notre coeur fait tic-tac?“为什么我们的心会‘滴答’?”
Parce que la pluie fait flic flac.因为雨会发出“淅沥”声
Pourquoi le temps passe si vite?“为什么时间会跑得这么快?
Parce que le vent lui rend visite.是风把它都吹跑了
Pourquoi tu me prends par la main?“为什么你要我握着你的手?”
Parce qu'avec toi je suis bien.  因为和你在一起,我感觉很温暖
Pourquoi le diable et le bon Dieu?  “为什么会有魔鬼又会有上帝?”
C'est pour faire parler les curieux.是为了让好奇的人有话可说
☆°.·∴fin°★. ☆° ∴·

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

My Nokia Nseries (N 70)

1 week ago, I had purchased a new Nokia Nseries (N 70) mobile phone at Sarbekas. N 70 not the latest model mobile phone make by Nokia, if I don’t have mistaken to recall, it was the latest phone on the market at April 2005.
Below are the advantages of the Nokia N70:

Motto of Nokia Nseries
See new. Hear new. Feel new.

Nokia N70
Open the World of Multimedia
Model number: Nokia N70-1
Slide and Shoot
Capture life’s greater moments with the Nokia N70’s 2 mega pixel camera. Packed with advanced features like an integrated flash and 20x digital zoom, you can be sure of high-quality pictures every time.
Slide Show with music
Create your own slide show using your choice of photos and videos. The new rotating gallery with thumbnails lets you select your favorite snapshots with ease. Go through your play list on the stereo digital music player and add a catchy tune your slide show.
Email Photos
Send photos and video clips of treasured moments to your family and loved ones via email. You can also share them with your friends via MMS or capture the moment as it happens and stream it live via a 2-way video call.
Stay in Sync
Stay in control of your life by synchronizing important files and emails with your PC. The Nokia N70 enables you to review applications like presentation, spreadsheets and schedules – perfect you are constantly on the go.
Nokia XpressPrint Solution
To print your picture or emails, hook up this PictBrige-enabled device to a compatible printer via USB cable. And when you spot a photo kiosk in retail store, just transfer your images wirelessly via Bluetooth technology for high-quality prints in an instant.
Nokia XpressTransfer Solution
Archive your many photos and videos with ease. This advanced feature organizes your photos and videos efficiently and lets you to transfer them seamlessly to a compatible PC; saving you both time and hassle.


At the first time, I really can’t cope with the new hand phone, because of the functions.
3 days ago, I did install the PC suite software to my computer and tried to transfer my photos, sound tracks to my computer. But, when I have success to install and plug in the cable to the USB, it pop-up “USB Device Not Recognized-One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctional, and Windows does not recognize it.”
I think the problem is my operating system, so that I can’t transfer my photos, sound tracks with the cable…
I consider buying the memory card reader, so that I can upload some photos here. To show you guys the photos that I had captured during my semester holidays.