Monday, September 24, 2007

Yeah, finally i work at bank le

Today is my 1st day work at bank, feel worry and panic, because all most 20 staffs work at some floor...20 people X 2 eyes= 40 eyes look at me, so kong bu la...

Too many rules and act work under bank... i just read through only, haven't memorize kok lor...

My manager told me, next month i need to attend the training class for 2 days, hope i can learn many things from this lesson...

i also not very sure about using their system kok, still in learning period, just do a bit filling things today...

hope tomorrow i can learn about using the system ba

3 months probation, i must pay more attention o

jia you jia you jia you
Gambateh to me and everyone ba!!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

5/6/2007 ShangHai上海

Finally we reached ShangHai really big city ol, big and high building we can find at here

a bit blur because i capyure those photos on the bus
see, special de building, u can see the lotus on the building, hehe
protugal style de building...
the land mark of ShangHai..
so pretty right??
Ming Zhu Ta
ShangHai Tan wai tan

day view, they haven't swith on the light

teng teng teng...
night view of ShangHai Tan
people mountain people sea
really many ppl at here, got local also visitor...
when u at here, u can feel so relax and a bit cold because of the wind
i like this picture. so nice and yellow light

can u find that, really many ppl at there
Ming Zhu Ta

Next post is we went upstair to view the MOst Beautiful Night of ShangHai