Thursday, May 31, 2007

Home made mushrooms soup

1 month ago, i tried to make the mushrooms soup...

But i didn't really follow the recipe through the Internet. I just know what are those ingredients that i need to use for cooking the mushrooms soup...

1,Just chop the mushrooms and onions into slide or pics.

2,Cook the mushrooms and onions with 1 tablespoon better (butter).

3,Put in the hot water or chicken soup into with the (1) and (2).

4,Add the 1 or 2 tablespoon flour into the soup and add some whole milk.

5,At the end, plus salt and some pepper to taste.

6,Cook few more minutes, the mushrooms soup is ready to serve.

Tang tang Tang TANG.....

not bad la the taste, but i didn't use the cans or fresh mushrooms, that was Hua Gu, China mushrooms, a bit weird right?? whahaa...
i just try only la...
will use the Western mushrooms next time la...
Wrong word added*Butter, hehe

Saturday, May 26, 2007

answer for 时光

如果你有一架时光机, 就好像小叮当与大雄,可以通往以前,穿越未来…





















This is the chinese article that i posted on April 2006...

To re read this article, i am going to answer the question that what i am thinking now...

if i have 时光机, i think to go back few years ago, more relax, no stress...

On this moment, i am look like standing at the junction...

it's dangerous for me, driver drive the car so fast, i don't have any decision which road i need to choose... if i walk or ran a bit slow, i will going to become a beef chop on the road...

hey guys, are u guys already found the right ways for own future??
let's share here...

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Liang Ban Hai Dai Si

Introduce the snack from Jade Pot

The Liang Ban Hai DAi Si, is the sback that i will order when i went to Jade Pot.

More spicy i more like it, hehe

one PLate only Rm 2
try it, when u went there...

Tuesday, May 22, 2007



笑 就歌頌 一皺眉頭就心痛

我沒空理會我 只感受你的感受

你要往哪走 把我靈魂也帶走

它為你折了磨 留著有什麼用


*你是電 你是光 你是唯一的神話


你主宰 我崇拜 沒有更好的辦法



手 不是手 是溫柔的宇宙

我這顆小星球 就在你手中轉動

請 看見我 讓我有夢可以作

我為你發了瘋 你必須獎勵我*


你是意義 是天是地是神的旨意

除了愛你 沒有真理


火 你是火 是我飛蛾的盡頭

沒想過要逃脫 為什麼我要逃脫

謝謝你給我 一段快樂的夢遊

如果我忘了我 請幫忙記得我*

~~~THE END~~~

Xiao Jiu ge song Yi zhou mei tou jiu xin tong

Wo mei kong li hui wo Zhi gan shou ni de gan shou

Ni yao wang na zou Ba wo ling hun ye dai zou

Ta wei ni zhe le mo Liu zhe you she me yong


*Ni shi dian Ni shi guang Ni shi wei yi de shen hua


Ni zhu zai Wo chong bai Mei you geng hao de ban fa

Zhi neng ai ni YOU ARE MY SUPER STAR


Shou Bu shi Shou Shi wen rou de yu zhou

Wo zhe ke xiao xing qiu Jiu zai ni shou zhong zhuan dong

Qing Kan jian wo Rang wo you meng ke yi zuo

Wo wei ni fa le feng Ni bi xu jiang li wo*


Ni shi yi yi Shi tian shi di shi shen de zhi yi

Chu le ai ni Mei you zhen li


Huo ni shi huo Shi wo fei e de jin tou

Mei xiang guo yao tao tuo Wei she me wo yao tao tuo

Xie xie ni gei wo Yi duan kuai le de meng you

Ru guo wo wang le wo Qing bang mang ji de wo*

~~~THE END~~~

Super Star (S.H.E.)
Your laughter sings praises, your scowl pains my heart

I don't have time to pay attention to myself, I only feel what you feel

Where are you going? You've taken my soul along with you

But it's hurt you, so keeping it is no use to you


*You're electricity, you're light, you are my only fairy tale

I only love you, you are my super star

You've dominated me, I worship you, there's no better way

I can only love you, you are my super star


Hand-- it's not a hand, it's a gentle universe

And I am the small planet turning in your hand

Please, look at me, let me have dreams to dream

I'm crazy for you, you must encourage me*


You are meaning, you're heaven and earth, you are God's decree

Besides loving you, there is no other truth


Fire, you are fire, you are the destination for this moth

I've never thought to escape, why should I want to escape?

Thank you for giving me this happy dream

If I forget myself, please help to remember me*

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Singapore's view (Landmarks)

DAy View of SInGApore
The Esplanade Theatres (Hai Ping Yi Shu Guan)
Night VIew Of Singapore
The Esplanade Theatres On The Bay

The real orange tree

Actually it look like fake de orange tree, but it's real one, can eat de...
that is for display la, but someone still steal the jui zhi and eat it, so mei liang xin de...
But nobody steal the Ang Pao... hehe

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Loyang Tua Pek Kong Temple

20/2/2007, my uncle brought us go to The Loyang Tua Pek Kong Temple. He told us, the temple always have many prayers go to pray on the Chinese New Year de, so we must go there more earlier, so that we can find tiok the car parking.

Because of the CNY, our car parked a bit far from the temple. We walked in the temple about 10 mins road. Actually the temple got provides the bus and fetch the prayers to the destination, but many people queue up, so we just walked into lor.

When we reach the temple, we can see the biggest Cai Shen outside the temple, it’s look like welcome us.
Many groups of Lion Dance were waiting to perform for us.
The special of the Loyang Tua Pek Kong is, its present nostalgic ideal location and scenic seaview. It is the Temple that opens ROUND-THE-Clock and serves beyond its DEVOTEES. Their motto is "Always Caring & concerned for the Communities".
Inside the temple, REALLY is TUA (the BIGGETS) PEK KONG, can’t show u guys he picture because I am the person who very respectful on the god, so I did not ask the TUA PEK KONG for smile and Konica…
See their leaflet, so RED, u know la, GUO NIAN ma…
Beside the TUA PEK KONG, Temple, got a small India temple wor, so we found that also got Indian prayers go to pray on that day.

Ah har, the small duit tabung, that we bought at there. When we bought it, inside got the rice that haven’t cooked.

If u guys want to ask more detail about the temple, u may send e-mail for them, lytpk@singnet

Monday, May 14, 2007


One sentence can describe the Sentosa on that day, “People Mountain, People Sea” hehehe…

Before we went to the Sentosa island, The cable car ticket counter at least 300 to 400 people queue up at there. The shopping center was full of people… really
Full of visitors, Korean, Japanese, Bangladesh, Chinese from China, local people, a lot…

Actually we want to go through by the car, but traffic jams… so my papa, my dear and I walked by leg (bus nomber 11). I think we spent 10 minutes cai reach the Sentosa Island.

But we were so regretful, went the SG on the big event that was Chinese New Year. Really traffic jams on cars and people.
The bus provide by the Sentosa also full of visitors. We just visit the Underwater Park only.

Coral fish>look like coral more that fish o...
oh ya, look like dragon also leH

Jelly fish>so cute, look like the jelly that we eat, why it's pink in colour??it's because the pink colour's lamp

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Thasevi Food, Best Roti Prata in Singapore

Best Roti Prata at Singapore, why should i say?
1, My family and I went there about 1 am something. There are full of people waiting to take order at the stall...

2, No tables and seats for us, so we waited at there about 5 to 10 mins to have our seats...

3, My uncle spent 1o to 15 mins queue totake order...

4, We waited 30 or 40 mins, our roti cai come...

5, Yummy, the roti prata really delicious, roti prata with ice-cream, the Curry sauce with roti prata, and the spicy and jucies Yang Rou Curry, really BEST...

Next time i will be back to this India stall named, Thasevi Food...

Don't miss it, Friends!!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Small incident on the Singapore trip

Hai Ping Yi Shu Guan

This Chinese New Year, my family, baby and I went to Singapore celebrated the Golden Pig year, so I will post some pictures that I had captured at there….

Actually there was an incident that makes my family feel so “HAIYO” on me…

Story is…

We flied to Johor and my uncle came to the Johor’s Airport fetched us to Singapore. So, we must past through the custom and then reach the SG. We had spent about 40 minutes or 1 hour on the car and reached my uncle’s house. Finally we reached his house.

When we was busying to carry our luggage into the room, I found that I LOST MY PURSE… OH MY GOD.

Where is my purse??? I drop it at Kuching Airport, at Johor Airport, on Airplane or at custom??? I kept remind it… my heart was dropping out,
THAT REALLY IS BIG MATTER for me; I become a person who doesn’t have Identity card.

MY mind is BLANK. I found many time, still could not find it. What the bad luck trip and Chinese New Year for me???!!!

My parent, uncle and relatives kept blaming me. As well as my dear too, he kept asking me double check it whether I really dropped it or no. I felt worry and down then. My uncle cheers me up, and asked my cousin went to the car and check for me.

When my cousin back from the car, and my uncle said my cousin could not find it with his serious face…

WHAT????!!!! NO???
Cham lor, what can I do??
Go to police station??

When I was still in the hopeless and down mood, my cousin and uncle laughed at me, and said, “ Wow, a lot Singapore dollar o…can share some with me??”

Thanks god, my purse… I dropped it at the car… luckily lahhhhhhhh

Sorry papa, mama and relatives, also my baby, I made them worry…
I will pay more attention and will be more careful le.