Saturday, June 28, 2008

眼 泪的含义

今天看了一 部戏,感 觉有一句话,很有意思,想和大家分享。。。

大 纲的故事是,一 国 的女子排球健 将,为了 争取 参加奥运会,努力的练 习 着。
有一位女孩,在练 习 的途中,伤 着 了 脚,很有可能不 能 参加,即将 来 临 的奥 运 会。

队友给于她的鼓励与关怀,她却误会队友是存心把她踢走,好让他人,有 机会参加奥运会。她把自己关在房间里哭泣,演变成了自暴自弃的心态。


想起了,当一个刚出生的婴儿,第一个的自能反应是 “”。。。

孩子的第一个的声,是多默的重要 啊!!孩子的哭泣声,代表了他 终于来到了这美丽的世界,开心而哭泣,感谢母亲的十月怀胎所作的努力而哭泣。。。孩子的希望与未来,都表现在这嚎嚎大哭的哭泣声里了。。。

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Cheap Fast Food!!

Those below photos was i took at one of Restaurants named Chinese Restaurant that near my working place...
Mostly i having my lunch at there, because they provide the FAst Food and the price very cheap got free one chinese tea and the soup actually just cost us RM 3.50 only.
Recently about the petrol increase, so the price for fast food changed also. The price from 9/6/2008 is RM 4.00... (normal one, that's mean 2 vagetables and one meat)...
Maybe i was a old customer for them, so no matter i took the 2 vage or 1 meat very much, they also charge me normal price...
Hmmm, do u guys feel it's cheap or exp?? how much u guys spend for the lunch every working days??
let's share
Photos below was i took at this restaurant
This called Fish or Shark??
really very huge, the size is around 165+cm
But it been move to other place, i din see it anymore at there le

see, this Coral so beautiful o, see the NEMOs...

not normal CRAB that we eat de, one kind of the CRAB

THIS is cool, i dunno what is this, prawns, dragon prawns or grasshoper?

anyone can tell me, what it's named???
i think just for display, cant cook and eat de, no much meat to eat, wahaha

u can see the eyes, green and yellow colour...

the body is Transparency de, cool le